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Civil-Geomatics-EngineeringFor a developing country like Nepal, there is a huge demand of technical manpower in the establishment of physical infrastructure. To help meet this demand , department of civil engineering is producing quality overseers and engineers fully capable as well as dedicated to the development of nation. This department was established in 2044 B.S with Diploma in Civil Engineering and since 2056 BS Bachelor’s Degree Program in Civil has Started and from 2069 BS Bachelor’s Degree Program in Geomatics has also been started.

Courses Offered:

Various laboratories and workshops were established under the civil department as follows:

  • Civil engineering material testing lab.
  • Civil engineering soil testing lab
  • Structural lab (cement, reinforcement, brick and concrete testing lab)
  • Hydropower lab
  • Hydraulic lab
  • Water supply lab
  • Transportation lab
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