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CIT is one of the major online resource center in this institution. It is facilitated with 220/220Mbps of dedicated wire (optical fiber backbone) and wireless facilities to hostels and administration. CIT, not only provides internet facilities, but also conducts training on different engineering packages of information technology. It has more than 50 advance terminals connected to Broadband Internet via wireless. It is hoped that CIT will boost up the students’ academic and research career and will enhance faculties’ strength as well.


  • Internet
  • Email
  • Consultancy Services
  • Training


Centre for Information Technology (CITWRC) has total dedicated bandwidth of 110/110Mbps. CIT is providing fully dedicated wired and wireless internet facility to the hostels, all the departments and staff housing of Paschimanchal campus.


Staffs of the Paschimanchal campus can easily obtain an email id with domain name (for example, [email protected], [email protected]).

Consultancy Services:

CITWRC is also ready to provide consultancy services related to computer network/system to the constituent campuses as well as to the T.U. affiliated colleges.


CITWRC is providing various basic and advanced training packages of skill development training related to networking, web development, system administration and wireless administration.

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