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Establishment of IQAC

The IQAC has been established in Pashchimanchal Campus (PC) with decision of Campus Administrative Body (CAB) for accelerating the Quality Accreditation (QA) procedure to institutionalize the quality assurance in accordance with concerned QA guidelines of Tribhuvan University and University Grants Commission including relevant practices. It shall organize considering the existing structure and capacity of the institution as delineated in the corresponding policy of Tribhuvan University, University Grants Commission and concerned government authorities including the constitution of Nepal. The IQAC has been considered as a permanent part in this institution and its operation shall be sustained and maintained under the institution. For the purpose of a dynamic and effective IQAC, the institution (Pashchimanchal Campus) shall take initiatives to increase the availability of experienced and competent academics with following considerations.

  1. Identifying those with having interest and ability to work in QA.
  2. Providing critical development experiences through training, workshop and study visit.
  3. Developing high-potential QA leaders following identification, training retaining academicians to ensure the smooth functioning of the IQAC for the QA.
  4. The institution shall make necessary funding provisions in its budget to meet the expenses of the IQAC on a regular basis and include the IQAC in its permanent organizational set up.

Objectives of the IQAC

The general objective of the IQAC is to forward accreditation process promoting a quality assurance culture within the institution. The specific objectives of IQAC are as following.

  • To facilitate for QAA process of the institution supporting quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements from University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • To support for preparing policies regarding the functioning and working towards the QAA system of its institution and monitor their progress.
  • To assess for academic and administrative environment of the institution for ensuring effective quality with recommendation for enhancement.

Formation of Committees

In order to fully participate in the QAA process and get its benefits, the campus has formed several committees to work on the QAA system of its institution. The following are the major committees, among others:

Internal QA Committee (IQAC): This committee is the governing body of the QAA process of Pashchimanchal Campus, which makes policy to work on the process and monitor the progress of the QAA process. The committee is valid until the campus gets accredited from the UGC. The committee comprises of the following members:

  • Chair – Dr. Prabij Joshi
  • Member – Er. Menuka Karki
  • Member – Er. Bishnu Hari Poudel
  • Member– Mr. Dipak Raj Giri
  • Member Secretary – Er. Hari Prasad Baral

QAA Self-Assessment Team(SAT): This committee  has been formed for accelerating the QAA process of Pashchimanchal Campus, in coordination of IQAC.  The committee comprises of the following members:

  • Coordinator – Nirmal Prasad Baral (Assistant Campus Chief, Administration)
  • Member – Sailesh Adhikari (HoD, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering)
  • Member –  Hari Prasad Baral (Head, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering)
  • Member – Ranjan Sharma Parajuli (Assistant Professor, English)
  • Member-  Mrs. Bhagirathi Jojiju (Chief, Account Section)

Dr. Prabij Joshi
Chair Person
QAA/Reform Unit

Pashchimanchal Campus
Email: [email protected]

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