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Department of Applied Sciences (formerly known as Department of Science and Humanities) is the department that serves as a key for our students to enter into the institution, and aspires to lay the robust aptitude of applied sciences and communication skills that are essential for better quality engineers and engineering entrepreneurs. We aim to make our students think critically to make proper use of their S&T knowledge towards rational applications in both the familiar and unfamiliar aspects of their engineering profession. We do believe that the conceptual understanding of the core science will help our students explore the basic and advanced research area of engineering applications. We train the brains and help expose their potentials through the teaching of scientific facts, phenomena, methods, analyses, skills and concepts. We work further to sustain and develop the scientific and research-oriented methodology of dissemination of knowledge for the sake of national interest from our students.

Our department comprises teaching learning activities on Chemical and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Numerical Methods and Communication English as prescribed by IOE syllabi for Bachelor’s program of Automobile, Computer, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Geomatics and Mechanical Engineering. We have spacious and well-equipped class rooms and resourceful laboratories of Chemistry, Physics and Communication English. Apart from the normal practical classes, students are privileged to utilize these laboratories for their projects and basic research works under the supervision of our faculties.

The objectives of the department lie on overall assistance to the campus as a constituent of its body to meet its academic standards through the maintenance of proper teaching and learning atmosphere. In this juncture, we work to fulfil the following aspirations as our objectives:

  • To accomplish the teaching and evaluation of its constituent subjects as prescribed by the syllabi according to IOE, Academic Calendar.
  • To stimulate, design and recommend the innovative areas of applied sciences and communication through the periodical academic interactions.
  • To update and refresh the departmental progress, plans and aims through the meetings and seminars.
  • To create a basic interdisciplinary research environment for students and faculties through coordination with research management cell and other departments.
  • To protect, repair and strengthen the physical facilities, chemicals, apparatus and all other properties of the department.

To work further for the academic well-being and professional development of faculties and support services of the department.

Curricular Specifications in the department

Subjects Program Year/Part
Engineering Chemistry (Theor. & Lab) BCE, BME, BGE I/I
Engineering Chemistry (Theor. & Lab) BAME, BEI, BEL, BCT I/II
Engineering Physics (Theor. & Lab) BAME, BEI, BEL, BCT I/I
Engineering Physics (Theor. & Lab) BCE, BME, BGE I/II
Applied Physics (Theor. & Lab) BGE II/I
Engineering Mathematics All I/I, I/II
Engineering Mathematics All II/I
Engineering Mathematics BEI, BEL, BCT, BGE II/II
Probability & Statistics BCE, BAME, BME II/II
Probability & Statistics BEL, BCT III/I
Probability & Statistics BEI, BGE II/I
Communication English BEL, BCT III/I
Communication English BCE, BAME, BEI, BME, BGE III/II


The department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Communication courses.


  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Engineering Chemistry Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Applied Sciences
  • Faculty Members
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