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Dear Students, Parents and Well Wishers!
Season’s Greetings!
Campus Chief

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you all in Pashchimanchal Campus, formerly known as Western Region Campus (WRC). The campus was established in 2038 BS (1981AD) as a constituent campus under Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan university, Nepal. Located in the northern skirts of Pokhara valley, Pashchimanchal Campus is one of the pioneer engineering higher educational institutes in Nepal. Initially established with a vision to produce trade level skill manpower sets to fulfil the nation’s need in the field of Engineering, the Campus has transformed itself to the hub of engineering education. Commencing its programs from trade course, it had offered three years diploma (Intermediate Level) in various academic disciplines of engineering (2044-2071) BS. Eventually due to the high demand of the bachelor’s degree program and policy of Tribhuvan University, diploma level courses were gradually phased out and bachelor degree programs were established. Total seven bachelor degree programs have been introduced at campus in different time frames (Civil (2056 BS), Electrical (2067 BS), Mechanical(2069 BS), Electronics (2062 BS), Computer (2069 BS), Geomatics (2069 BS), Automobile (2075 BS)). Since, 2015 (2072 BS) Pashchimanchal Campus has initiated three postgraduate courses M.Sc. in Engineering (Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Distributed Generation, Communication and Knowledge Engineering), recently from 2020 (2077 BS) two more courses (Rock and Tunnel Engineering and Geospatial Engineering) have also been introduced. All these master level courses are unique in country and are being conducted only at Pashchimanchal campus. Our bachelor and master level courses are well designed to widen students’ career prospects. With such diverse engineering programs, Students will gain detailed knowledge in the particular field of advancement to excel. We encourage you to have a detail look at our courses and degrees to find the right one for students.

Pashchimanchal Campus for its academic competence has been accredited with QAA by University Grants Commission (UGC) in 2020 (2077 BS). It is equipped with several infrastructures deemed necessary for the higher education. Well-equipped laboratories, classrooms, well-furnished girls’ and boys’ hostels, staff accommodations, playground, cafeteria and several buildings for academic and administrative purposes are the major infrastructures of the campus. Experienced academic faculties and administrative staff are the major assets of the campus to excel effective functioning of academic programs in the field of engineering. Our alumni have made the institute proud by their performance and contribution in the field they are involved. Their roles in the academic and industry at the national and global markets are praise worthy. They are leading Nepalese companies, government sectors, corporate houses and pursuing higher studies in renowned universities abroad. At Pashchimanchal Campus, we along with our faculty members, are passionate about grooming our students not only as professionals but also as good human beings with morals, values, and ethics. This campus is devoted for excellence in teaching, learning and research to achieve quality results.

Our teaching and learning modules prioritize group discussions, personality development, presentation skills, and life skills for career development. We encourage our students to take challenging courses and enable them with enough skills to face a competitive global market. The country is still lacking sufficient number of skilled and competent engineers to fulfil this gap. We are committed to provide practical, value based and goal-oriented engineering education of the 21st century, and to generate the best desired human resources that fit in the present world. After the completion of the academic course from our campus, the students become able to undertake important responsibilities in the national and international sphere and secure a good status. Our future directions will be towards best practices in teaching, learning and research processes through state-of-art infrastructure and well-equipped smart laboratories. We are working to create a vibrant and enriching teaching/learning/research environment that inspires innovation and entrepreneurship with collaboration of national and international institution.

I would like to express my deep sincere gratitude to all the professors, staffs, students and stakeholders for their tireless effort and precious time in the development of this campus. Starting something new can feel daunting but it’s also very exciting and it’s my immense pleasure and privilege to work as a team with you all. I hope the coming days of this campus life will be a stimulating, enjoyable and life enhancing experience.
I look forward to welcoming you at Pashchimanchal Campus.
Best wishes to you all

Nirmal Prasad Baral
Campus Chief

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