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Er. Jiwan Kumar Mallik
Solar Power Expert
Alternative Energy Promotion Center- RERL Project


  • Introduction to alternative sources of energy
  • Technical aspects of solar power
  • Grid integration challenges
  • Market trends in the field of solar power in Nepal
  • Technical and economic benefits from the projects accomplished- few field experience sharing

Er. Kedar Raj Silwal
Manager /Provincial Chief
Gandaki Provincial Office, Nepal Electricity Authority


  • Introduction to Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS)
  • Introduction to Gandaki Province Electrical Network
  • Technical problems seen in the electrical network
  • Underground electrical network challenges
  • Upcoming distribution system projects under NEA

Dr. Sujan Adhikari
Associate Professor
Pokhara University


  • Introduction to research
  • Deciding on a research topic
  • Finding suitable methodology to a research problem
  • Importance of analytical and critical thinking in research
  • Importance of documentation for a good research
  • Recognition of a research work
  • Malpractice in research- plagiarism, …..
  • Recent trends of research in Electrical Engineering

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