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It is to be notified that Research Management Unit will provide research grant for the Faculty Members, Students and Staffs to promote and encourage research environment in the Pashchimanchal campus (PC).

The details of the Grant are as follows

Type No. of  Grant Available Total Amount of Grant Available for 6 months(NRs) Target Group eligible for Applicants Application Fee (NRs)
A 3 25,000 Group of faculties lead by Ph.D Members 350
B 8 20,000 Individual Faculties (Other than Ph.D) 300
C 11 8,000 Group/Individual Students (Master’s + Bachelor’s) 100

40%of the grant will be provided on first instalment and 60% on the secondinstalment based on the progress evaluation by the committee.

Eligibility of type A,B,C group are highlighted as below:

  1. Applicants must be Nepali citizens.
  2. The applicant must be a valid full time faculty/student of PC.
  3.  Research Unit Members and any other selection committee members’ under the research Unit are not eligible to apply. (For Type A,B)
  4. Applicants who have currently received fellowships/research grants from the UGC or TU are not eligible to apply this applies to the case of co-researchers as well. (For Type A,B,C)
  5. There should be a provision for the involvement of at least two additional either full time or part-time faculty members in the research team. (For Type A,B)
  6. Applicants who have received any research grants from the RMU under PC over the last two consecutive cycles will not be considered for the next cycle. (For Type A,B,C)


Deadline for the proposalsubmission is 15-Poush 2075 at department (Hardcopy) and online at [email protected](APA/IEEE format). Plagiarism wouldn’t be enjoyed.

Account number for theapplication fee is NIC ASIA Account No 1641615557352403

Application forms areavailable in all departments. & Download From Here

In case of dispute,the final decision will be made by the selection committee under the RMU of PC.

Click Here To Download Application form Faculty pdf

Click Here To Download Application form student pdf

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